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Britomart Transport Centre is the underground terminus for Auckland’s suburban rail network. The station has railway services on all suburban lines including trains to Onehunga, Manukau, Papakura and Swanson. Although most visitors to Auckland don’t use the rail network as it doesn’t go to the main tourist sites, some people find it handy to travel to the shopping areas at Newmarket and Sylvia Park as well as Onehunga or Papatoetoe where you can get connecting bus services to the airport (a cheaper alternative to the express airport bus).

Auckland rail network

The station is located at the downtown end of Queen Street, near the ferry terminal.

Britomart only handles suburban rail services. The long-distance Northern Explorer train to Wellington departs from Auckland Strand Station.

Our address

12 Queen Street, Auckland 1010
    Open Mon–Thu 5am–11pm, Fri 5am–1.15am, Sat 5.45am–1.15am, Sun 5.45am–11pm

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  • Gabriela, 15 Jul 2017

    Beautiful station

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  • Viacheslav, 29 Apr 2017

    Отличное место с бесплатно wifi, кафе, wc, доступным интерфейсом и удачным дизайном.

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  • Keeshia, 27 Sep 2016

    AT HOP cards are an advantage.

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  • Bjørn, 23 Jul 2016

    For a city the size of Auckland the 'central' station is surprisingly small. Though, the trains run on time and an AT Hop card will save you tons!

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  • D, 08 Jul 2016

    Love the vibe here! Beautifully designed and engineered. I wish they operate 24 hours.

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  • Motaeb, 19 Mar 2015

    Enjoy using train instead of bus

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  • Josh, 27 Feb 2015

    Luggage storage halfway towards the trains. A few food options too.

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  • Xavier, 14 Sep 2014

    After repeated uses, I can safely say the public toilets here are the only ones in Auckland free of mutants and evil spirits.

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  • Matthew, 16 Aug 2014

    The place to be if you are homeless. Nice building. PA system feedback likely to give you a headache.

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  • Santiago, 09 Aug 2014

    A beautifull building

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  • Joe, 09 Aug 2014

    An actual cool looking train station, not many of those around in New Zealand...

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  • Amir Alzahari, 23 Jun 2014

    One of. The cleanest train. Station i've ever come. Across. In all my travels.

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  • Amir Alzahari, 23 Jun 2014

    Great location to sit down and eat. At some of. The fast food. Joint. Clean spacious and peacefull.

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  • Kinanti, 01 May 2014

    The coffee from near mcdonalds (outside) is better

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  • Kristy, 03 May 2013

    Try Coco's they have good and tasty japanese food:)

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  • Ben, 08 Dec 2012

    They put blue lights in the toilet stalls to stop people shooting up

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  • Jourdan, 01 Oct 2012

    The toilets have excellent hand dryers, and its a great landmark to meet friends who are travelling. Easy to navigate around. Clear instructions.

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  • Greg, 15 Feb 2012

    If you need a coffee, avoid the platform stand and grab one from the kiosk outside mcds

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  • Ben, 04 Dec 2011

    The bus stop for Airbus to the Airport has now moved back to its original stop at no. 7300 by the Ferry Terminal.

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  • Cornelis, 02 Nov 2011

    Try the Dyson hand dryers in the toilets. They are amazing :-)

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  • Darren, 26 Aug 2011

    The free City Link bus leaves from just outside to go up Queen St to K Road and just opposite to Wynyard Quarter.

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  • Eugene, 01 Jul 2011

    Load your HOP card with trips and not value will save you paying the 25c service charge

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  • Eugene, 01 Jul 2011

    You can load your hop card using your credit card here rather than EFTPOS

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  • Niki A, 17 Jun 2011

    The escalators and stairs at the far end of the platforms now come up inside the new Westpac/Ernst & Young building. A good exit for avoiding the crowds at the main escalators.

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  • Yvan, 28 May 2011

    When a child on the train asks "what's that screeching noise?" try answering "that's a dementor coming to suck out your soul" and just watch

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  • View New Zealand, 05 Apr 2011

    A beautiful building with a long a varied history, Britomart is now the hub of transport for Auckland. Also, it's very pretty when lit up at night!

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  • Andrew, 28 Mar 2011

    Check out the hanging plants in the eastern-end hub!

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  • Jeremy, 18 Mar 2011

    To get to platform 9-3/4, run headlong into the barrier between platforms 9 & 10.

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  • Ginny, 23 Feb 2011

    Don't make eye contact with edgy folk who look like they are on P!

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  • Linds, 16 Feb 2011

    The coffee on the lower Concours is much like the girl who makes it. Luke warm, and slightly bitter.

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