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Waitomo’s Lost World abyss is one of the lesser-visited parts of the Waitomo cave system but is totally worth it. It is a big cave, it can take 20-minutes just to abseil in and once inside the cave ceiling is usually at least 50m above you.

Waitomo Adventures operate three different tours into the Lost World abyss ranging from Lost World Through the Window where climb down a staircase to the more challenging tours that involve abseiling into the 100m-deep abyss.

All three options let you explore vast caverns where you can see fossils, waterfalls and lots of glowworms.

It is a unique experience with small groups (usually no more than four people at a time).

Although the first two options are dry tours, it is best to wear something that dries quickly like shorts or chinos (not jeans).

Lost World Through the Window

Lost World Through the Window was developed by Waitomo Adventures as a way to experience the Lost World without abseiling. It involves entering the cave through a sinkhole known as The Window and descending down a staircase towards an elevated platform where you ride a zipline before climbing through the Spider Hole. Allow four hours for the Lost World Through the Window tour.

Lost World

The original four-hour Lost World adventure involves a 20-minute 100m abseil before exploring the cave system and returning to the surface via a 30m ladder. This is a popular option and the small group sizes mean that it is best to book the tour prior to arriving in Waitomo.

Lost World Epic

The Lost World Epic is the more extreme seven-hour version of the Lost World tour. Like the standard trip, it starts off with a 20-minute 100m abseil but this is a wet tour where you don a wetsuit and explore the Mangapu streamway.

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    Had a blast on the Lost World Epic 7 hour tour with Chris, Flyn, and Ben!

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