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Baldwin Street in the suburb of North East Valley, 3.5km northeast of the city centre, is recorded as the steepest street in the world with a maximum gradient of 1m in 2.86m, although the steepest gradient applies only to a small portion of the street.

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Baldwin Street, North East Valley, Dunedin 9010

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  • Paul, 12 Feb 2019

    Try walking up backwards, you get a better view.

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  • Kevin, 22 Oct 2018

    If you visit best to walk up and not drive

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  • Steve, 01 May 2017

    Baldwin Street, an homage to the largest acting family in the world. Not really, but it is the steepest street in the world, with a wonderful view at the top.

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  • Sandrastica, 14 Dec 2016

    Fun and full of tourists! Don't try crazy things please!

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  • Jason, 23 Mar 2016

    Great fun, definitely worth the visit

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  • Rae, 17 Aug 2015

    Hold my breath when the car was at the top most

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  • Jerry, 08 Mar 2015

    Why are the Chinese tour groups afraid to walk up the hill?

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  • Max, 26 Feb 2015

    Walk up all the way and enjoy the view!

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  • Cinzia, 03 Sep 2014

    The steepest street in the northern hemisphere, nothing can beat that!

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  • Greg, 18 Jan 2012

    Watch out for the self appointed parking police at the top of the hill

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  • Eric, 13 Nov 2011

    Great excercise, esp if you want to workout your thighs, try some backwards.

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  • Amar, 13 Aug 2011

    awesome. In guiness book of record

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  • Tofi, 30 Apr 2011

    World's steepest street

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