Jet boating on the Dart River

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Dart River Wilderness Jet operate a trip that includes a jet boat ride on the Dart River plus a guided forest walk. As far as jet boat rides go, this is rather unique in the sense that it is as much a wilderness experience as an adrenaline rush.

Our address

45 Mull Street, Glenorchy 9372
Telephone (03) 442 9992

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  • Ahmareen, 11 Apr 2019

    Excellent views and great trip !

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  • Mike, 24 Oct 2017

    They provide all the gear you need, just bring your camera and a swimsuit!

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  • Mike, 24 Oct 2017

    Fantastic excursion!

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  • Jeff, 06 Mar 2016

    The boat experience was top notch!

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