Rees-Dart Track

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The Rees and Dart Tracks (72km, 4–5 days) combine to form a semi-loop along the Rees and Dart River Valleys. It is a moderately difficult track and most days average six to eight hours of walking.

The Glenorchy Information and General Store runs shuttle buses to the track from Glenorchy and there is also the option of a jet boat transfer as far as Sandy Bluff on the Dart River.

Muddy Creek to Shelter Rock Hut (16.5km, 6–7 hours)

The first section involves walking along the often muddy Rees River Valley.

Shelter Rock Hut to Dart Hut (9km, 4–6 hours)

This challenging route connects the Rees and Dart Tracks. It is not very well marked and involves climbing the Rees Saddle. It is possible to make a day trip to Dart Glacier from Dart Hut.

Dart Hut to Daleys Flat (15.5km, 6–8 hours)

The track goes through beech forest and across the grassy 4km-wide Cattle Flat as it follows the Dart River.

Daleys Flat to Chinamans Bluff Road End (14.5km, 4–5 hours)

The track follows the Dart River to the road end at Chinamans Bluff. It is possible to save three to four hours walking and be picked up by jet boat at Sandy Bluff.

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