Skydiving at Fox Glacier

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Skydiving at Fox Glacier offers much the same scenic views as skydiving at Franz Josef, but at a lower price.

Although you don’t get the option to jump from 19,000ft (only Franz Josef offers that option), you do get the option to jump from 2740 metres (9000ft) with around 20 seconds of freefall, 3960 metres (13,000ft) with 45 seconds freefall and 5030 metres (16,500ft) with a 60-second freefall.

The most popular jump height is from 5030 metres (16,500ft). At this height you’re jumping from over 1km above the summit of Mount Cook with views to both the east and west coasts of the South Island. As you’re skydiving from 5km above sea level, oxygen is provided on these jumps.

If you don’t want to wear an oxygen mask, or just want a slightly cheaper skydive, then the 3960 metre (13,000ft) jump is the next most popular option. This skydive sees you jumping level with the summit of Mount Cook with views of the glaciers and the West Coast and 45 seconds of freefall.

You couldn’t call any skydive cheap but skydiving at Fox Glacier is pretty good value when you consider that people pay the same money for a scenic flight over the glaciers without the thrill of jumping out of an aeroplane.

Along with Skydive Franz, Skydive Fox Glacier is one of the few skydive operators that cater to people heavier than 100kg.

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