Oamaru blue penguin colony

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Blue penguins, also known as fairy penguins or little penguins, can be seen from the viewing platforms at the blue penguin colony at the end of Waterfront Road. This is one of the best spots in New Zealand to see blue penguins, although there are far fewer penguins here than in penguin colonies in Australia. The number of penguins that you can expect to see varies depending on the time of year, for instance between March and August you may see fewer than 30, but in December you might be able to see 200 penguins swim in to shore and waddle home to their nests.

Our address

Waterfront Road, Oamaru 9400
Telephone (03) 433 1195
Website www.penguins.co.nz

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  • Stefan, 22 Dec 2022

    Die Pinguine kommen erst am Abend ans Land.

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  • Jeremy, 15 Jan 2017

    If you plan to go, splurge on the premium seats. Also: Dress WARMLY. The penguins will not show up until well after sunset.

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  • Sandrastica, 14 Dec 2016

    Not cheap! You can also see the penguins at the harbour campsite at night!

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  • Francis, 06 Dec 2016

    Defiantly get premium tickets but sit in the front row right next to the entrance, you'll be feet away from the penguins, don't head towards the sea, they whizz past and don't stop until the boardwalk

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  • Lucila, 07 Feb 2015

    Go at night, otherwise you will only see the ones on the holes!

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  • Miro, 22 Feb 2014

    If you miss out hang out in the area, there are always penguins crossing the road!

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  • Davor, 01 Jan 2014

    Photography not allowed, even without the flash.

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