Otago Peninsula

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The Otago Peninsula is a popular day trip from Dunedin. It forms Otago Harbour’s southern shore and is home to lovely seaside villages and New Zealand’s only castle. The peninsula’s main attraction is the rich variety of wildlife that can be seen here, which includes seals, sea lions and penguins.

Coming and going

Dunedin’s local bus service extends to the Otago Peninsula with bus 18 running to Portobello and Harington Point and bus routes 3, 11 and 19 going elsewhere on the peninsula. Portobello is three fare zones ($6) from the Octagon and Harington Point is four fare zones ($10.20).

Many travellers visit the peninsula by taking one of the many day tours that operate from Dunedin. These include Back to Nature Tours and Elm Wildlife Tours. Day tours from Dunedin start at $105.

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